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Hydration is our Mission.

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Hydration is our Mission.
Research shows we actually need more hydration now than we did 5 years ago. Indoor environments, high technology use, processed foods and prescription medications are deeply dehydrating.

Drinking more water isn't the solution. Knowing how to hydrate is.

Hydration is the key to nutrition absorption, better brain performance and cellular protection.

Our mission is to bring the new science of hydration to public awareness and practice, and to accelerate its impact on research and water use. We work through our educational programs, collaborative partnerships, furthering scientific research on hydration, and solution-focused products.

We are currently running hydration programs in schools, in addition to our Wellness at Work seminars, which bring hydration energy and increased productivity to companies and their employees.
Our Wellness At Work programs support the mission of the Hydration Foundation. Through short, customized sessions we alleviate 3 major work issues in work performance: Afternoon Fatigue, Stress Overwhelm, and Brain Fog. Once trained through our programs, teams hold new information and strategies that result in higher work performance, higher satisfaction at work, and less days absent.

25% of program fees subsidize our work hydrating the elderly and New York City school children.

Please contact Gina to power up your team.


Gina Bria

Named Real World Scholar with World Evolved Lecture Series, Gina is a cultural anthropologist researching ritual, ritual foods and food strategies for over 25 years. She is Founder and Executive Director of the Hydration Foundation, housed at the Center for Social Innovation and CEO of HYCHIA, LLC, established to develop practical solutions and products for hydration and nutrition.

Trained at Columbia University, she is a former Berlin Fellow with the Social Science Research Council, a National Endowment for the Humanities finalist and has been featured at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her current work involves hydration strategies used by desert peoples and the practical application of ancient approaches. She weds ethnographic strategies to the new science on hydration to serve the elderly, school children, athletes and hydrating while traveling.

She is the Neuro-Nutrition and Neuro-Movement Consultant at The Ideal School, a New York City Independent School advancing autism spectrum inclusive education, and has developed the first school-wide Hydration Program for behavior and brain function.

She serves on the TEDxNewYorkSalon Organizing Team and has coached many of their speakers on better brain performance. An innovator and inspiring speaker, her work has appeared in such diverse places as The New York Times, Grand Central Station, Harvard University and the Wissenschaftskollege, Berlin.

Chelsea Briganti

Chelsea Briganti graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2010 with a BFA in Product Design. Upon graduating, she co-founded a social innovation think tank called The Way We See The World and 3.5 years later has produced a body of work comprising a collection of biodegradable edible cups, a radiation-blocking-NSA-proof phone case, sustainable toys, a hydrating super-seed product for aging populations, children and refugees and a stem cell collection device that empowers women to collect and store their own stem cells.

Chelsea envisions designers as agents of change and fundamentally believes in the cross-pollination of ideas, disciplines and resources, as well as the exciting, translational space where design converges with science.

Her work is currently featured at the MoMA Design Store, and publications include Wired, Popular Science, National Geographic, TIME Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times Magazine and Fast Company. Chelsea is currently being incubated by The Centre for Social Innovation in New York City.